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BlackBox Security Monitor Latest

BlackBox Security Monitor Express screenshot 1 - The main window of BlackBox Security Monitor allows you to manage your monitored computers

BlackBox Security Monitor Express provides you with a simple, yet powerful tool for monitoring multiple local or remote computers in your network, while encrypting data to ensure complete privacy. It reads and collects information from the target computers and sends it to your PC, enabling you to view exactly how each workstation is used.

Designed for personal use, the Express edition can be used for monitoring frequently used programs, typed keystokes, accessed websites and web searches, sent and received emails and chat messages.

The main interface is intuitive, displaying a list of all the monitored computers and users, together with the usage summary for each. You can create exclusion lists, in order to instruct the application not to monitor certain users.

Desktop screenshots are periodically taken and saved to your computer, in order to reveal user activity. The application records keystrokes and allows you to view currently opened programs (together with the process name, the start and the end time).

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