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How to Create your own Shortcut using Run Command on Windows

If you are using some programs very frequently, Then here is trick you can create your own Run command to make your program to start faster. 
You need to follow some simple steps to create your own shortcut command :
  • Open the Run dialog from Start menu or use shortcut command Win+R
  •  Enter %windir% to open windows directory
  • Now enter ALT +F to open file menu, then Press W and then S
  • You will see a new pop up window to create shorcut
  • Browse the desired program , and go through the wizard to create the shortcut to the desired program (Eg - Browse a program mozilla firefox and give a shorcut name mf)
  • To start program, Type the name you give shortcut in Run Dialog (Eg - Type mf in Run dialog, mozilla firefox will open)
So Enter Window+R for Run dialog , and type shortcut name , its done ...

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