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How to increase internet speed.....

TRICK 1 :  
      Click START and then RUN, or press WIN + R
  • Type gpedit.msc  and press Enter.
  • expand "Local Computer Policy"
  • then expand "Administrative Templates" 
  • then expand "Network Branch" 
  • Click on "QoS Packet Scheduler"
  • on right side of window Double click "Limit reservable bandwidth"
  • a different window will pop up, set  Enabled and change Bandwidth limit (%) to 0.
  • Click OK and Restart your computer.

  • Download SG TCP Optimizer, don't need to install , just double click and it runs. the window looking like below
  •  Under the General Setting tab, just drag the slider to match your connection's download speed. and then at the bottom of window select Optimal Settings button and click Apply changes.
  •  you will now be looking a window like below
  • Make sure the Backup box must be ticked, and then click OK.
  •  Restart your system and experience the increasing internet connection speed.

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