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How to Recover Lost files from USB Pendrive/Memory Card

USB pendrives are now with all people. We used to to see all over our college, office, people always hang USB pendrives in their necks or in their pocket. They carry all important data or information in pendrive anytime.
Some times we have some data in the USB pendrive but caused by virus problem we are unable to view or use that valuable data and we usually think that the data has been lost but actually our data is as it in the USB pendrive or memory card but in the hidden form. You have some nasty virus on USB drive that hide all your file in the drive ie; hides your files and folders, creates .exe file extensions of your folders and even corrupt your files.

Here I am posting a window trick to recover back the lost files from USB pendrives or Memory card.
you can find the process step by step instruction for the recovery of these lost files or hidden files.

You can view these files by going to Tools>>Folder Options >>Select
But the attributes of these files often stay unchanged even if you uncheck hidden attribute on file/folder properties.

Permanent Solution for recovering hidden files by Command prompt in windows operating system :

 Plug your USB Pendrive or External HDD or Memory Card which is Affected.
 Go to Start -> Run-> Type cmd and hit Enter
 Find the drive letter for the connected USB drive, lets say G: 
 In command prompt, type G: and Hit Enter.Command Prompt will show G:/
 Then type  attrib -s -h /s /d *.*
Make sure that you put space between each elements in the code. and hit Enter and wait for few seconds. You have done and recovered back your lost files from USB pendrive and memory card. Enjoy!!

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