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Transform Windows 7 and Windows 8 to Android KitKat Like Look

Google a while ago, disclosed the name of its next version of Android and named it KitKat. And in a very short period, someone came up with a transformation pack based on the brown color of KitKat.

Kitkat Transformation Pack Look 1024x575

The pack not only changes the color theme of your computer, but also transforms it in many ways. It installs a software utility called Rocket Dock, which adds the MacOS type dock at the bottom of the screen. This dock by default has shortcuts/links to Gmail, Google Play Store, My Computer, Control Panel and many other useful locations. The taskbar is placed at the very top, like in MacOS.

Kitkat Pack Installation

The pack changes the system icons with its custom icons. It also installs Ubericon, an application that adds effects when icons and folders are launched. Default cursors are changed to custom ones, to suit the overall look of theme.

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