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Blackberry Secret Codes

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Here they are...
  1. The first is the code which works on virtually all mobile devices to check their IMEI number i.e *#06#
  2. Hold “Alt” down & press “RBVS” in the Address Book »To view the source code of webpages.
  3. Hold “Alt” & press “NMLL” »
    This is called the Decibel meter.
    It shows the phone's signal-strength in decibels instead of bars
  4. Address Book data structure rebuild.
    |This forces a data structure re-build in the Address Book.|
    Hold “Alt” & press “RBLD” in the Address Book to do this.
  5. Address Book file verification
    This checks the data in your Address Book for inconsistencies.
    Hold “Alt” & press “VALD” in the Address Book.
  6. To do a “Soft” Reset,which is thesame as Removing the battery for a few seconds.
    Press & hold “Alt”, then hold left-“shift”, then hold “Del”.
  7. To view the "Help Me! menu" for crucial technical information about the device,
    Hold “Alt” & (left) “shift”,then press “H”
  8. To view the Event-Logs,
    Hold “Alt” & press “LGLG”
  9. The codes below will work mostly when you are viewing the home-screen.
  10. A or C »Phonebook
  11. S » Search.
  12. F » Phone's profiles.
  13. W or B » Browser. 
  14. H » help.
  15. K » Locks the keys.
  16. L » Calendar.
  17. V » Messages.
  18. M » Messages folder. 
  19. R » alarm.
  20. »Tasks.
  21. U » Calculator.
  22. I » Applications.
  23. O » Options.
  24. P » Phone.
  25. T » Top of page (in browser).
  26. B » Bottom of page (in browser).
  27. Space » Page down (in browser).
  28. D » Memo pad.
  29. U » Switch between hide/unhide in browsers title-bar.
  30. ALT + NMLL » To use numbers instead of bars for signal strength.
  31. ALT + Right Shift + Del » Hard reset.

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