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How to Check Original Installation Date of Windows

Steps to Check Original Installation Date of Windows

Step 1:  Hold Windows key and Press R key to open Run, Type CMD and hit enter to Open up Command Prompt.
Step 2: Type systeminfo.exe  in Command Prompt and Hit Enter.
Step 3: Just wait a Few Seconds to Gather all the Data , Boom- You will Get all the info of your System in just a few seconds including the Original Installation Date which we are looking for.

Step 4: With this Command you Get all the Necessary info about your System but If you Just want to know the date on which your windows was Installed on your System then type this Command  systeminfo : find /i “install date" ""

You can see its showing that i have installed my windows last month as i had to Refresh my Windows, its pretty much Accurate.
Thats it guys, in this tutorial we saw how to check our system info including the Windows Installation Date.
If you have any trouble related to this article, have a go and Speak your mind in Comment box. I will be more than happy to hear from You.

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