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What we do when our account has been hacked?

What we do when our account has been hacked?

Best Security and Privacy Tips For Facebook

1.Use strong passwords

Most of you knew about this. Use strong and unique password which contains Characters, Letters and Numbers. Please avoid common English words when you making passwords.

2.Enable Secure Browsing

Go to Settings < Account settings

Select Security

Click Edit button on the Secure Browsing and Enable it 

3.Activate Login Notification

The login notification notify you when someone( or you) access your account by mail or sms. 
The next to Secure Browsing  you can find Login Notification, Enable it.

4.Activate Login Approval if it is there in your Settings.

Login Approval is just similar to the Two step Verification of Google. They will send a secret code to your mobile in the time login. You need to confirm it to get access to your account. Login Approval is missing on some countries. I don't know why it is. You can't find it on my screenshot. 

Click Edit button and Enable it

Click Setup Now and Setup it

You can see the Popup in the screenshot when you try to access your account

5.Setup Code Generator

If you are unable to receive the sms. You can use Code generator it simply generate codes and you can activate your account using that code. 
You can activate Code Generator in your Facebook Mobile app. 
Go to Settings < Account settings < Security and Enable it from your mobile.
Click Continue 
Click Next

and Close it. Now Code generator is active

6.Disconnect Privious Active Sessions

You can disconnect some previous section you made 

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