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Short comparison about 3 File Manager For WP 8.1

Believe ME or Not PFM Lost In Race
I Have Tested These File MGR Deeply Performance Wise even Compared THE UI
User Interface of PE is better than PFM & UI of File EX not That BAD
I have moved 1.5 gb file From Videos Movie Folder to root directory of videos other than PFM it took Me Just 1 sec max 2 sec but PFM took 30 sec +
I have Opened MY BG collections Folder From PFM it took me to load fully 20 sec to list view 40 sec to grid view but other 2 File MGR it took me 5 sec also if i come back and open the same Folder not loading but PFM everytime is loading
No complain about sharing but File EX got folder Sharing
PFM advantages Got HTTP sharing , App lock Cant lock specific folder & grid view slightly better look not much still like the PE ui & File EX is winner because Better Performance & User Friendly while Cut Copy Paste

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