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How to Deploy Modified or Cracked 1Gb Ram supported to your 512 Mb ram unlocked phones

On unlocking your phone you can find many cracked or modified xaps and download them

Now you need to deploy them to your phone for that follow these steps.

On completion of unlocking your phone you follow these steps others xaps wont deploy

1. My computer > Program Files (x86) > Microsoft SDks > Windows Phone > If your phone is windows 8 got to 8.0 or if it is windows 8.1 go to 8.1.

2. Open tools > AppDeploy > AppDeploy application.

3. Place Target as Device only > Click on browse and find your Modified or Cracked downloaded Xap file and select to open it.

4. Click on Deploy and after sometime your Xap file will be deployed successfully.

NOTE: While deploying don't turn of your lock screen of mobile....Increase your lock screen time....If screen locks xap wont be deploying....

By using this method you can install upto 2 Xaps.....will post a new article if I find any trick to install more than 2 Xaps....... Thank you.

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