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How to transfer any format files using EASY TRANSFER over 5 MBPS

Transfer files just by wifi and browser,no USB cable,no BLUETOOTH

You can download multiple files at once, Easy Transfer will automatically help you pack into a compressed file.

SD card support:
  1.just as every app which support SD card,Easy Transfer does not support all file types, it only supports        the following types: 
    (1)system: xap
    (2)image: jpg,png,gif,bmp
    (3)music: mp3,amr
    (4)video: mp4,avi
    (5)archiver: zip,rar,7z
    (6)document: docx,xlsx,pptx,txt,pdf,epub
    (7)other: bin,wp


1) Switch on MobileData in your phone.
2) Now switch ON Internet Sharing in your phone.
3) Now switch OFF your MobileData. Because internet sharing wont switch on without your data enabled. So after switching ON Internet Sharing just switch off your mobile data.
4) Now by Connect to wifi of your internet shared mobile with any windows phone or through laptop.
5) Open EASY TRANSFER on your internet shared phone.
6) Note the ADDRESS shown in EASY TRANSFER and OPEN it on other device like mobile or laptop..........
7) Now It shows complete files in other device which you can download or play on other device.
8) It transfers files around a speed of 5 MBPS.......

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