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How to Switch On Cortana on windows GDR 1(Update 1), 8.1 Cyan and 8.1 PFD

1. First, we must change the language settings to English (United States). To achieve this, head into 

1. For windows 8 PFD and Windows 8.1 Cyan OS

  • Settings > Language > English (United States) is active prior to continuing. The phone may require a reboot.
  • Settings > Region > country/region > United States and "regional format" matches phone language (makes it easier when switching back). The phone may require a reboot.
  • Settings > Speech > English(United States) download it.
  • Everything should be set up and ready to go. If you cannot see Cortana listed as an app on the app list, give the phone a final reboot. You should then be able to load up the Cortana app, which will run you through the initial setup wizard.

2. For Windows 8.1 Update 1 (GDR 1) OS

  • Settings > Language > English(India) you may need to restart your phone.
  • Settings > Region > India
  • Settings > Speech > English(India) > (United Kingdom) download it
Download United Kingdom Speech and enabling location and mobile data or Wifi makes your Cortana Switches ON...

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