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Learn To Create Your Own “Custom” Facebook Large Chat Emoticons + Code Easily

Method #1 : From Profile ID

You can create icon (16 x 16) image of any Facebook user’s profile pic by just typing their Facebook profile ID inside[[ ]] (double square bracket)This trick will work in Facebook chat. You just need to grab the person or page’s Facebook Profile ID. You can do this by putting the person/page’s username as :
Replace the username from the person’s username, grab the profile ID and use it on Facebok Chatbox as[[profileID]]. For e.g.[[1234567890]]

Method #2 : For Any Image / Photo

I am sure, you are searching something like this. The above method is showing user’s profile pic as a 16 x 16 pixels emoticon in Facebook Chat while this method will allow you to create numeric code for any image whether it is in your Facebook account or is available in your PC’s hard disk.
Step 1 : Navigate To  https://apps.facebook.com/big-emo-creator/
Step 2 : Upload your image from PC.
Step 3 : Proceed the steps.
Step 4 : Grab the Numeric code from opened webpage and use it on your Facebook chat.
That’s All :-)
I’ve created lots of emoticons at here try it at least once.

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