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Track A Person’s Location while Chatting with him on Facebook, Google + Or Else

If you wants to track anyone’s location, might be your friend whom you wants to meet for an important job and he is telling you that he is outside. So, just invite him on Facebook Chat and say him “hi” or any familiar word which you use.
Now, when you friends do reply, open your windows Command Prompt. Someone call it cmd, some Command or MS-DOS. To open command prompt, search cmd or command prompt in Windows 7 or use Run if you are in Windows XP.
In Command Prompt, type netstat -a or if you are using any messenger to chat then use        netstat -nbtNow, command prompt will show all your computer’s IP Addresses and Receiver IP Address.
You can check your modem, router properties to get your IP Address thus, the other IP Address is your friend’s IP Address. Note down your friend’s IP Address.

Tracking Location of  that ip:

After getting your friend’s IP Address go to either www.whatismyipaddress.com or www.ip-address.org. Choose Location Finder and fill your friend’s IP Address and it will show your friend’s Geographic location.

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