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How To Force-Quit Running Apps On iPhone or iPad Devices

Once in a while, some apps tend to act funny and completely freeze-up your device.
Though, this isn't a common/rampant issue with an iOS, it might just happen that your iPad/iPhone becomes unresponsive to touch and then the device is stuck with sometimes a white screen.
Luckily, you can now easily force-quit applications in times like this without having to download any extra software.

Here's How...

Method 1 »
  1. Hold down the device's ‘Power button’ at the 'top' and wait until “Slide to Power Off” message appears on the screen.
  2. Release the ‘Power button’
  3. Finally, hold the ‘Home button’ at the base of the screen until the frozen application is forced to quit.
Method 2 »
  1. Double-click the ‘Home’ button until the app-switcher pops-up on the screen.
  2. Hold-down the frozen application's icon and click on the Minus symbol at the top-left side of the icon.
If after trying both methods and the problem persists, you might consider switching-off the phone itself or if on next reboot, the same app gives you this problem, then you should delete it and download its latest version from the App Store.

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