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How To Share A Computer's Internet Connection With Other Users

Over some couple of previous-posts on this blog,we've learnt it could be quite easy to browse the internet on a Computer using Mobile phones as router.
Some of these posts includes »
But,most people find it rather challenging to share these connections with other persons/devices.
In this post,I'll be sharing with you a very powerful software which lets you easily & conveniently share internet on your Pc with mobile Phones,other computers and any software which has support for WIFI.
It's called Connectify/Connectify Hotspot.

Setting Up Connectify To Use As An Hotspot Router

Once the software is downloaded to your System,you'll be required to restart it;Follow all prompts.
Once done,you should follow the steps below 
  1. Set your desired Hotspot name and password. (PRO users can rename it as they so wish,while Free users must start with “Connectify-”)
  2. Select which Internet connection you'd like to share; Share the Internet connection from your Cable or DSL modem, the ethernet jack in your hotel room, a 3G or 4G modem, even another Wi-Fi network.
  3. Now,Click 'Start Hotspot' and thats it!
Other Wi-Fi devices such as laptops and smartphones will be able to see and connect to your hotspot just like any other access point,but you can easily disconnect them from the “Clients” tab
Connectify has proved very handy to me,& I know you will say thesame☺.
Some features which are available to the Pro version is prohibited in the lite version.Therefore,you'll be required to upgrade to ‘Pro’ version to use them and likewise,the Pro version isn't free(needs to be purchased).

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