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Using ReadyBoost Application To Speed Up Computer.

Like I mentioned above,the whole idea behind using a Mobile device,Memory Card... as RAM[Random Access Memory] is made possible with ReadyBoost App. which is present in virtually all computers.

Here's How...

  1. Connect your Mobile Phone/Flash Memory card to the Computer using a USB chord or a Card reader.
  2. From the list of options that pops up on your Mobile phone,choose“MASS STORAGE”(For Blackberry users,choose USB Drive
  3. Note
    If you're using a Memory card,then you should skip the step above.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the AutoPlay list that pops-up, and click on“Speed Up My System”.
  5. Now,the ReadyBoost window will be displayed. Just tick the option which says “Dedicate The Device To ReadyBoost”
  6. Next, check to ensure the "speed level" is at 4094MB, then Apply and finally click on OK
That's all!!! You can now feel the power of speed.
If in any case the Ready Boost window does not display,then it means your PHONE/SD CARD'S available memory is not up to the needed amount.

You can try getting rid of useless files from your phone / SD card until you have something like 950MB& above free.
  • It's advisable you get a dedicated SD card for this purpose,so as not to lose important files.
  • Always remember to back-up your files to your system if in any case you'll be deleting some files on your Mobile phone.
  • For Laptop owners, it's recommended you use a Card-reader, because you can't always go about with your Phone connected with a USB chord.

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