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How to Bypass Adf.ly,Adfoc.us & Linkbucks Ad Pages

In a post not too long ago, I shared a site capable of revealing hidden links behind shortened urls.
But as it is, I discovered this site was of no help when it comes to unhiding/revealing links behind specific websites such as adf.ly, fapoff.com, hotimg.com, lienscash.com... and this made me do some further research.
Sites such as Adf.ly, Adfoc and Linkbucks, are url shorteners that allows you to shorten/mask a url and at thesame time earn a meagre from them.
Once the link is clicked,the user is first taken to an ad-page where you'll be required to wait for about five seconds and thereafter a “Skip Ad” button is displayed.
During this period of waiting, the counter could freeze and this will require refreshing the page.
It becomes even more frustrating when on a mobile phone,as in most cases,
'there is never a counter' not to talk of a Skip Ad button appearing.
In this case,the visitor is forced to leave the page.
So,if you happen to come across these links and you feel the content/file is too valuable to be ignored,then worry not.
In this tutorial,I 'll be giving two sites with which you can easily bypass all forms of ad restrictions either on mobile or Computer.
  1. DeAdf.ly
    This site has proved very useful in debugging these links and it's been the most reliable website I found so far.
    Just bookmark the site,and whenever you're in need of it,visit it and Copy-Paste the URL into the box which says ‘Paste Here Adf.ly, Adfoc.us, Linkbucks link’ and finally click on Deadfly!
  2. Deadfly
    This is another website which functions just exactly as the above mentioned.
So,you can try-out any of the sites to check its efficiency.
Here's a link you can try (Leads to Google) »

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