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Add Copy to and Move to Folder options in windows

To add Copy to and move to  folder Option :  

Click here to Download Add_Move_To_Folder.reg File,
Click here to Download Copy_To_Folder.reg file.

Click here to Download Remove_Move_To_Folder.reg File,
Click here to Download Remove_Copy_To_Folder.reg file.

These files are  small regsitry file for windows that will help you to add Copy to folder and Move to Folder option. Once downloaded, Double click on it, Click Run when Prompted. then you may be asked to click on yes and ok Couple of times.

When Everything is done, Right Click on any folder and check if its Showing Move to and Copy to Folder options. You Can see Move to and Copy to Folders are now added to your Context menu like mine.

Tip: Hold Down CTRL key , Drag and drop Source file to Destination to Copy it. And Hold down SHIFT key, Drag and Drop Source file to Destination to Move it.

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