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Change Default Folder in windows

Whenever you Launch Windows Explorer in windows 7/8, it opens up Library folder, but may it its not that useful for us or we need some other folder to open up when we Click on taskbar’s Windows Explorer Shortcut. So in this hack we will Change Windows Default Folder  to our Downloads Folder instead of library.
  • To Start with we will Right click on the Windows Explorer or File Explorer for Win 8 Users from the task bar icon. A list will show up, Now again Click on Windows Explorer (File Explorer) and right click on it and Click on Properties.
  • You can see a Dialog Box appears, There you Can see target path is somewhat like %windir% all we have to do is change this path to your desired folder that you want to open up every time you launch file explorer.
As here we are going to Change it to Download Folder we will change the path to C:\Users\*Username*\Downloads. Click OK and we have successfully changed the path now

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