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How to receive Gmail, Yahoo .........Mails directly to Outlook on windows phone

Yes, You can receive your gmail, yahoo and some other mails directly to outlook without opening gmail and yahoo...
Here i am posting this article for those windows users who want to receive mails directly using single Microsoft Account.......

1. Open Outlook.com

2. Enter your Microsoft Login ID and Password and Click on Sign in.

3. Next Click on to open the Settings Gear symbol on top right corner and then click on options which looks like below image.

4. You will be taken to another page which looks like below image

5. Go with Your email Accounts like above picture and takes you to another of below image.

6. Click on Add a send-and-receive account and takes you to below image.

7. Fill your name followed by Your gmail or yahoo id which mails you want to receive directly with password of your corresponding gmail or yahoo password....Click Next takes you to page as below

8. Select An Existing folder: Inbox and click on Save......after a while you can observe that all your gmail and yahoo mails can be coming to outlook account.

Note: If comes any error due to slow internet try reloading or do try to check it after some time....

You can now receive mails of gmail or yahoo directly on your outlook account....... 

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